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João Soares (born April 25, 1951, in Limeira), is a former professional tennis player from Brazil.

Soares found most of his tennis success while playing doubles. During his career he won 3 doubles titles. He achieved a career-high doubles ranking of World No. 49 in 1980.

Career finals[edit]

Doubles (3 titles, 4 runner-ups)[edit]

Result No. Date Tournament Surface Partner Opponents Score
Loss 1. 1979 Buenos Aires, Argentina Clay Brazil Marcos Hocevar Czechoslovakia Tomáš Šmíd
United States Sherwood Stewart
1–6, 5–7
Loss 2. 1980 Santiago, Chile Clay Brazil Carlos Kirmayr Chile Belus Prajoux
Ecuador Ricardo Ycaza
6–4, 6–7, 4–6
Win 1. 1981 Buenos Aires, Argentina Clay Brazil Marcos Hocevar Chile Jaime Fillol
Chile Alvaro Fillol
7–6, 6–7, 6–4
Win 2. 1982 Itaparica, Brazil Carpet Brazil Givaldo Barbosa Brazil Thomaz Koch
Brazil Jose Schmidt
7–6, 2–1, ret.
Win 3. 1983 Bahia, Brazil Hard Brazil Givaldo Barbosa Argentina Ricardo Cano
Brazil Thomaz Koch
Loss 3. 1984 Gstaad, Switzerland Clay Brazil Givaldo Barbosa Switzerland Heinz Günthardt
Switzerland Markus Günthardt
4–6, 6–3, 6–7
Loss 4. 1985 Stuttgart Outdoor, West Germany Clay United States Andy Kohlberg Czechoslovakia Ivan Lendl
Czechoslovakia Tomáš Šmíd
6–3, 4–6, 2–6


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