João Batista da Silva

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João Batista da Silva, best known as Batista (born in Porto Alegre, 8 March 1955) is a former Brazilian footballer in defensive midfielder role.

International career[edit]

Batista won 38 international caps for Brazil from April 1978 to June 1983, but did not score a goal. He played also in two editions of the FIFA World Cup, in 1978 and 1982.[1] In the 1978 tournament, Batista played throughout all seven of Brazil’s matches, with the team not losing a single match, and only conceding three goals. Brazil failed to qualify for the final on goal difference.

In 1982, Batista was a reserve. He played once as a substitute for Zico, coming on in the final minutes against Argentina. Famously, Diego Maradona was sent off for his foul on Batista after Batista had flattened Juan Barbas.




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