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Homalium cochinchinensis (Lour.) Druce, first described by de Loureiro as Astranthus cochinchinensis Lour.

João de Loureiro (1717, Lisbon – October 1791) was a Portuguese Jesuit missionary and botanist.

After receiving admission to the Jesuit Order, he served as a missionary in Goa (3 years) and Macau (4 years). In 1742 he traveled to Cochinchina, remaining there for 35 years. Here he worked as a mathematician and naturalist, acquiring knowledge on the properties and uses of native medicinal plants. In 1777 he journeyed to Canton, returning to Lisbon four years later.[1]

In 1790 he published a work on flora of Cochinchina titled Flora Cochinchinensis.[2]

Books about João de Loureiro[edit]

  • Pe. João de Loureiro : missionãrio e botãnico by José Maria Braga, 1938.[3]


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