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Coordinates: 35°23′17″N 136°56′32″E / 35.38799°N 136.94235°E / 35.38799; 136.94235

Latticed bamboo window

Jō-an (如庵) is a seventeenth-century teahouse in Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Said to be one of the three finest teahouses in the country, in 1951 it was designated a National Treasure.


It was originally built around 1618 in Kennin-ji, Kyoto for Oda Urakusai, younger brother of Lord Oda Nobunaga and a disciple of Sen no Rikyū.[1][2] Relocated a number of times, since 1972 it has formed part of the Urakuen gardens in Inuyama.[3][4]


Approached throughout the roji or 'dewy ground' garden, the chashitsu or tea room measures two-and-a-half tatami mats and has a three mat mizuya or preparation area. The building has a shake roof and a nijiriguchi or 'crawling-in entrance'.[1]

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