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JoMoX XBase 09, MIDI controlled analog drum module
JoMoX SunSyn Mk2, 8-voice analog synthesizer

JoMoX Elektronische Musikinstrumente GmbH is a German electronic musical instrument manufacturer founded in 1997 and based in Berlin. Jürgen Michaelis is the CEO and product developer.[1] The company specializes in analog synthesizers. The XBase 09 was the first product offered from JoMoX, and it continues to be the most requested device from the product line.[2][3]


Current products[edit]

JoMoX T-Resonator
JoMoX M-Resonator
  • SunSyn Mk2 - 8-voice true analog synthesizer
  • M.Brane11 - analog percussion synthesizer
  • MBase 11 - kick drum synthesizer, sequel to MBase01
  • T-Resonator - versatile filter with digital stereo delay integrated into the feedback loops
  • XBASE 888 - analog drum synthesizer and drum machine identical to XBASE 999 less the X-Filter
  • MBase01 - kick drum analog synthesizer
  • Resonator Neuronium - experimental analog neural network synthesizer
  • M-Resonator - filter based on the Resonator Neuronium idea

Discontinued products[edit]

  • Midi-to-CV Interfaces - old MIDI interfaces 1994-1996
  • SunSyn - 8 voice polyphonic multitimbral true analog synthesizer. JoMoX's first major analog synthesizer.[4]
  • XBASE 999 - analog drum synthesizer and drum machine with downloadable percussion samples and assignable analog stereo multimode filter with LFOs
  • AiRBase99 - a 1U drum module based on the XBase09 with additional features[5][6]
  • JaZBase03 - alternative to AirBase99
  • XBase09 - emulator of TR-909 with its sequencer qualities plus additional features[7][8]

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Note: XBASE 888 and XBASE 999 are considered clones of the TR-808 and TR-909


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