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Painting by JoWOnder 2011.jpg
Dog Licks Baby by JoWOnder
Born Joanna Woodward
Nationality British
Education St Martins School of Art, National Film and Television School
Known for Visual art, Film, Animation, Performance
Awards British Animation Awards 1990 (Best Direction), Animafest 1990 (Grand Prize), Time Out Film Award

Joanna Woodward, known professionally as JoWOnder, is a visual artist, performer and animator from a generation of British animators who came to international prominence in the 1990s. In 2008, she founded the organisation 'British Women Artists'.


Educated at St Martins School of Art and National Film and Television School

Animated films[edit]

In 1990 her animated film The Brooch Pin and the Sinful Clasp[1] using stop frame animation won the following awards, Grand Prize at Zagreb World Festival of Animated Film, The Direction Award for best first animated film at British Animation Awards[2] and The Time Out Film Award. It was also a part of Between Imagination And Reality[3] a programme of film and video selected by Tilda Swinton.

Video installation[edit]

In 2007, her video installation Flatlanders,[4] was featured in Guildford Cathedral in connection with a science debate organised by Surrey University called Is science the new religion? attended by Jim Al-Khalili and Dr Brian Cox. The subject was based around the nuclear experiment at The European organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

One of her ongoing projects is 6 Days Goodbye Poems Of Ophelia,[5] research funded by The Wellcome Trust[6] and with a microbiology input by Dr Simon Park of Surrey University.[7] is an interpretation of Ophelia painted out of bacteria that incorporates answer phone messages to Ophelia from the public as part of the soundscape.[8]


She has also been active as a performer. Her performance art has included working within the experimental The Washroom Collective[9] which typically involves improvisation and audience interaction.

Her JoWOnder and the Psychic Tea Leaves is a 45-minute performance in the tradition of a Victorian Seance, using the supernatural as subject matter performed at The belfry of St Johns on Bethnal Green, part of First Thursdays organised by Whitechapel Art Gallery.[10]


  • 1980 The Grid
  • 1985 The Hump Back Angel[11]
  • 1986 Two Children Threatened by a Nightingale
  • 1989 The Brooch Pin and the Sinful Clasp (short) NFTS
  • 1991 The Weatherhouse with IOU Theatre
  • 1992 Sawdust for Brains and the Key of Wisdom[12]
  • 1997 The Cat
  • 1998 Don't Submit to a Moments Passion with a Stranger
  • 2004 Walking
  • 2006 6 Days Goodbye Poems of Ophelia
  • 2007 Flatlanders

Media Appearances[edit]

  • State of the Art - Channel 4 - 1993[13]


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