Jo Budd

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Jo Budd
Jo Budd and work.jpg
Jo in her studio in 2010
Born Josephine Budd
Nationality British
Education Newcastle University
Known for Quilting

J/O Budd (fl. 1980 -) is an English artist specialising in creating art from textiles. Trained as a Fine Artist her work could be described as Quilt Art, but frequently contains both collage and/or printing.


Josephine Budd was born in 1961 in Norwich. She completed her Fine Art education in Newcastle University and began a career in teaching as well as practising her art. She is known for her art work using quilts, collage and printing.[1]

Budd has tackled a number of commissions for notable companies[2] and her work is in a number of collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum,[3] Budd's use of landscape in her work led Edexcel to recommend her as an artist for British Art and Design GCSE students to study in 2010.[4]

Budd lives near the Norfolk and Suffolk border with her partner, Brian Excell. She has one son.


  • Winter/Male - Hanging - 320 x 179 cm
  • Summer/Female - Sewn collage - 170 x 314 cm[3]


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