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Joseph Churches Lindsay Walton (born 15 April 1982) is a poet, fiction writer, and editor.


Jo Lindsay Walton is the author of at least thirteen published works of poetry, fiction, and experimental writing. He is known for his use of pseudonymity, also publishing under names such as Lorqi Blinks (in collaboration with Samantha Walton), Harvey Joseph (in collaboration with James Harvey), Helen Bridwell (in collaboration with August Highland), Francis Crot, Jow Lindsay,[1] Jo W. Lindsay, Jo Lindsay, Jo Crot, Megan Zword, Sophie Stamina, Kyle Storm Beste-Chetwynde, Marianne Munk, Jeremy Beardmore, and Jamelia Wigmore.[2]

Together with Samantha Walton he runs the poetry press Sad Press. His other editorial roles include formerly co-editing the poetry press Bad Press, and currently co-editing Vector, the reviews journal of the British Science Fiction Association.

Walton has performed his work widely both in the UK and abroad, including the Cork International Poetry Festival SoundEye, the Edinburgh International Book Festival,[3] and Biennale International des Poètes en Val-de-Marne. He studied at Northumbria University, and lives in Bristol.

List of Works[edit]

  • Francis Crot, The Cuntomatic (yt communication, 2007)
  • Francis Crot and Nour Mobarak, The Seven Curses (Critical Documents, 2008)
  • Francis Crot, Pressure in Cheshire (Veer Books, 2009)
  • The Two Brothers, Finite Love (Critical Documents and Bad Press, 2010)
  • Yolanda Tudor-Bloch, The Woman: A Song City Memoir (Department No. 2, 2010)
  • Francis Crot, Hax (Punch Press, 2011)[4]
  • Megan Sword and Timpani Skullface, Superior City Song (Critical Documents, 2012)
  • Colleen Hind and Pocahontas Mildew, We Are Real (Critical Documents, 2012)
  • Harvey Joseph and Lindsay James, Sea Adventures, or, Pond Life (RunAmok Press, 2012)
  • Jo L. Walton / Jo Lindsay Walton, Invocation (Critical Documents, 2013)[5]
  • Goat Far Dale Turbo and Papa Boop Ndiop, Animal Crater (Crater Press, 2013)
  • Jo Lindsay Walton, Marta and the Demons (Preyed Press, 2014)
  • Ten Laws (Sad Press, 2015)
  • Jo Lindsay Walton, Meet Me in the Tall Grass (Sad Press, 2017)


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