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Jo Mango

Jo Mango is a British alternative folk and acoustic band from Glasgow. Jo Mango is also the adopted name of the lead singer and primary songwriter of the group.

  • Jo Mango: lead vocals, rhythm guitar, kalimba, toy piano, concertina
  • Jim Mango: bass player, backing vocals
  • Alan Peacock: backing vocals, guitar
  • Katherine Waumsllaying flute, piano, kalimba and concertina. Since April 2006 Mango toured extensively in Bunyan's band, throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Japan. At home in the UK she also featured in the Zero Degrees of Separation tour, becoming an integral part of the band which also features Adem, Juana Molina, Vetiver and Bunyan. This culminated in a Carnegie Hall show in New York in February, curated by David Byrne.

Jo has also appeared as a solo artist playing shows across the globe in countries such as America, Australia and Japan.[when?] Her tour of America began with a session on Nic Harcourt's show 'Morning Becomes Eclectic' on Santa Monica's KCRW radio station and a performance at South By South West (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.[when?] The Scotland Herald describes Jo Mango's recent EP "When We Lived in The Crook of a Tree" as "[a voice] so hushed and precise, that it sounds as if it were recorded inside your own head" (2013)



  1. Antidote (2003)
  2. Fluffy Brain (2004)
  3. "The Moth and the Moon" / "Black Sun" (2010)

Studio Albums[edit]

  1. Paperclips and Sand 1999
  2. Murmuration 2012
  3. Transformuration 2014


  1. My Lung (2007 - Download Only)

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