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Johan Jacob Voskuil (26 March 1897, Breda – 22 June 1972, Amsterdam) was a Dutch painter, illustrator, bookbinder and a member of the Dutch resistance during World War II.

To dedicate himself to the arts, Voskuil left Breda and his job as a teacher in the early 20's for Bergen aan Zee. He was a communist and made a lot of political posters and book covers, like the cover of de Nieuwe Geïllustreerde Wereldgeschiedenis (1929–1932) edited by Jan Romein.

In 1936, partnered with photographer Cas Oorthuys,[1] he organized an exposition to expose the realities of nazi Germany during the Olympics of the same year, resulting are famous posters Arbeiders leest De Tribune and De Olympiade onder dictatuur.[2]

Voskuil married German opera singer and actress Dora Paulsen[3] on May 5, 1938. The didn't have any children. After her death in 1970, Voskuil remarried with opera singer Ruth Horna in 1972. Voskuil died shortly after getting married.



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