Joachim Cronman

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Joachim Cronman
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Born Joakim Cronman
circa 1630–1640
Died March 5, 1703(1703-03-05)
Daugavgrīva castle
Nationality Swedish
Spouse(s) Lunetta Makeléer (m. 1657–93)
Children Johan Cronman
Parent(s) Hans Detterman Cronman (1590–after 1645)
Ursula Kordes (1600–1675)
Relatives Fritz Cronman, brother
John Hans Makeléer, father-in-law
Joachim von Rohr, grandson
Military career
Allegiance Sweden Swedish Empire
Years of service c1680-1703
Rank Colonel
Commandant of the Neumünde fortress

Joachim Cronman (c. 1640 – March 5, 1703) was an owner of estates in Livonia and a colonel for the Swedish Empire in the late 17th century.[1][2][3] He was the Commandant of the Neumünde fortress.[4][5][6]


Joachim Cronman was the son of Hans Detterman Cronman (1590–c1645). Hans was the war commissar for the Swedish Empire. Hans had been knighted as Lord Cronman by Christina, Queen of Sweden on March 9, 1638.[6] He became Lord of Alatskivi Castle in Swedish Livonia in 1642.[7] Joachim's mother was Ursula Kordes (1600–1675), and she was the daughter of Joakim Kordes and Ursula Gantschau.[6][8] His brother was Fritz Cronman and his sisters were Elisabeth Cronmann who married captain Johann Schulmann, landlord of Nova-Bura in Ingria;[9] and Anna Catharina Cronman I (1620–1685) who married Frans von Knorring (1626–1694).[5][10][11][12]

Joachim Cronman attended the University of Tartu.[13] He married Lunetta Makeléer (1639–1693) on August 9, 1657 in Göteborg, Sweden.[14] Lunetta was the daughter of Hans Makeléer, 1st Baronet who was the Lord of Gåsevadholm, and Hageby in Sweden.[15]

Together, Cronman and his wife had the following children:

Cronman became a colonel on January 23, 1679.[19] He was later stationed at the Narva fortress.[20] On March 10, 1685 he was assigned to the Savolaks and Nyslott regiment.[3][11][21] He later served as commandant of the Neumünde fortress.[4][11] He died on March 5, 1703 at Neumünde.[5][11]