Joachim Godske Moltke

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Joachim Godske Moltke
Joachim Godske Moltke.jpg
Prime Minister of Denmark
In office
1814 – 14 August 1818
Preceded byFredrik Julius Kaas
Succeeded byErnst Heinrich von Schimmelmann
Personal details
Born25 July 1746
Died5 October 1818
Spouse(s)Georgine von Buchwald
ChildrenAdam Wilhelm Moltke
ParentsAdam Gottlob Moltke
Christiane Frederikke von Brüggemann

Joachim Godske Moltke (25 July 1746 – 5 October 1818) was Prime Minister of Denmark. He was also father of Prime Minister Adam Wilhelm Moltke[1] and the son of Danish diplomat Adam Gottlob Moltke.[2]

Early life[edit]

Joachim Godske Moltke was born on 25 July 1746. He was the son of Danish diplomat Adam Gottlob Moltke (1710–1792), the influential Lord Steward and companion of Frederick V of Denmark,[1] and Christiane Frederikke von Brüggemann (1712–1760), the daughter of Godske Hans von Brügmann, til Østergaard og Ulriksholm and Margrethe Wilhelmine von Hausmann.[3] Between his two wives, his father was said to have had 22 sons, five of whom became cabinet ministers, four who became ambassadors, two who became generals, and all of whom when into public service.[4]


Moltke served as Prime Minister of Denmark from 1814 until 14 August 1818.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Moltke was married to Georgine von Buchwald (1759-1808), the daughter of Caspar von Buchwald and Sophie Charlotte von Hahn. Together, they were the parents of:

Moltke died on 5 October 1818.


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