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"Joacim" redirects here. For the Belgian footballer, see Constant Joacim.
Gender Male
Region of origin Scandinavia

Joakim or Joacim is a male name primarily used in Scandinavian cultures. It is derived from a transliteration of the Hebrew יהוֹיָקִים, and literally means "lifted by Jehovah". In the Old Testament Jehoiakim was a king of Judah. In the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican traditions, Saint Joachim was the husband of Saint Anne and the father of Mary, the mother of Jesus. The story of Joachim and Anne appears first in the apocryphal Gospel of James. Joachim and Anne are not mentioned in the Bible.[1]

The following people are known by the given name Joakim or Joacim:

Fictional character[edit]

  • Joakim von Anka, the Swedish name for Scrooge McDuck .

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