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Joan Riudavets Moll
Born (1889-12-15)15 December 1889
Minorca, Spain
Died 5 March 2004(2004-03-05)
(aged 114 years, 81 days)
Minorca, Spain
Cause of death Common cold
Occupation Cobbler and village councillor of Es Migjorn Gran


Oldest unofficial cyclist

Joan Riudavets Moll (15 December 1889 – 5 March 2004) was a Spanish supercentenarian and, at the time of his death, was believed to be the oldest verified person ever in the history of Spain. However, subsequent research by the International Database on Longevity has revealed that there were two anonymous women who were older than Riudavets at the time of their deaths.[1] He became the oldest recognized living person in Europe following the death of Italian Maria Teresa Fumarola Ligorio on 14 May 2003, and the oldest recognized living man in the world following the death of Japanese supercentenarian Yukichi Chuganji on 28 September 2003. He is the oldest verified man ever born in Spain, after surpassing Josep Armengol Jover's age of 112 years, 181 days on 15 June 2002.

Riudavets is the oldest man to die in Europe. At the time of his death, he was one of four men verified to reach 114.


Joan Riudavets was born in Minorca. His mother, Catalina Moll Mercadés, died at age 25 before the end of December 1889.[2] Riudavets' wife, whom he married in 1917, was born in 1889 and died around 1979.[3] He worked as a cobbler until retiring in 1954, and was a former village councillor of Es Migjorn Gran.[2] He was on a Mediterranean diet, which included: olive oil, tomatoes, fish and bread.[2] Riudavets was able to walk by himself and ride a bicycle until his death. Some of his hobbies were playing the guitar, singing, and playing football.[2] He died in Minorca at the age of 114 years and 81 days after having a cold for a few days, without being seriously ill. However, due to his extraordinary age, he was unable to recover from such a brief illness.[3]

Riudavets was survived by two younger brothers: Pere, who died in 2006 at the age of 105, and Josep, who died in 2009 at the age of 102. After his death, Fred H. Hale, Sr. took over as the world's oldest man.[2][4]

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Preceded by
Yukichi Chuganji
Oldest recognized living man
28 September 2003 — 5 March 2004
Succeeded by
Fred H. Hale, Sr.
Preceded by
Teresa Fumarola
Oldest living European
14 May 2003 — 5 March 2004
Succeeded by
Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper
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Maria Esperanza Onieva
Oldest verified living Spanish person
2 February 2002 — 5 March 2004
Succeeded by
Jorja Hernando
Preceded by
Josep Armengol Jover
Oldest verified Spanish man
15 June 2002 — present
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