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Joanna Hoffman
Alma mater University of Chicago
Known for Member of both the original Macintosh team and NeXT team
Spouse(s) Alain Rossmann
Children 2

Joanna Hoffman is one of the original members of both the Macintosh team and the NeXT team.[1][2][3] She will be portrayed by Kate Winslet in the upcoming film, Steve Jobs.[4]


Hoffman is the daughter of the Polish Jewish film director, Jerzy Hoffman.[5][1] She has a background in anthropology, physics, and linguistics[6] and pursued a doctorate (which she did not complete) in archeology at the University of Chicago.[6]


She was on a leave of absence from the University of Chicago when she attended a lecture at Xerox PARC[7] and had "a heated discussion after the lecture" with Jef Raskin.[7] The discussion focused on "what computers should look like and how they should improve people's lives."[7] Raskin was so impressed with Hoffman, that he asked her to interview for a position at Apple.[7] She began on the Macintosh project in October 1980[8] as part of Raskin's initial team of Burrell Smith, Bud Tribble, and Brian Howard.[9] At the time she began, the Mac was "still a research project"[8] Her position "constituted the entire Macintosh marketing team for the first year and a half of the project."[8][6][10] She also wrote the "first draft of the Macintosh User Interface Guidelines."[8][10]Hoffman would eventually run the International Marketing Team which brought the Mac to Europe and Asia.[8] She later followed Jobs to NeXT, as one of its original members.[1][2][3]

Hoffman had a reputation at both Apple and NeXT as one of the few who could successfully engage with Jobs.[2] In both 1981 and 1982, she won a satirical award at Apple given to "the person who did the best job of standing up to" Jobs (Jobs was aware of the award and liked it).[1]

During the early 1990s, Hoffman was vice president of Marketing at General Magic, retiring in 1995 to spend more time with her family.[8]

Personal life[edit]

Hoffman is married to Alain Rossmann (who also worked at Apple[11]) and has two children.[7][10]

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