Joanna Siedlecka

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Joanna Siedlecka
Joanna Siedlecka
Joanna Siedlecka
Born (1949-02-24) February 24, 1949 (age 69)
Białystok, Poland
Occupation writer, journalist
Nationality Polish
Alma mater Warsaw University

Joanna Siedlecka (born February 24, 1949 in Białystok, Poland) is a writer, reporter, journalist, member of the Polish Writers Association (Stowarzyszenie Pisarzy Polskich), and the author of 10 books, 4 collections of essays and 6 biographies, notably, about the lives of writers: Gombrowicz, Witkacy, and Kosiński. Siedlecka is a lecturer at M. Wańkowicz College in Warsaw.[1]

In her biography entitled Czarny ptasior Joanna Siedlecka "contradicts the sanctioned version of Kosiński's life under the German occupation, which has generally been assumed to be only thinly disguised in his classic first novel The Painted Bird." (from an essay: "Writers Who Lie" by HNN) [2]


Collections of Reportage[edit]

  • Stypa (1981)
  • Poprawiny (1984)
  • Parszywa sytuacja (1984)
  • Jaworowe dzieci (1991)

Biographies by Joanna Siedlecka[edit]


  • "Ksawery Pruszyński’s Prince of Reportage" (1976)
  • "Polish Writers Association Award" (1978, 1980)
  • "Leszek Prorok Award for Literature" (2000)
  • "Warsaw Literary Premiere Award" (twice) for books Jaśnie Panicz and Pan od poezji.


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