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Joanna Wang
Chinese name 王若琳 (traditional)
Pinyin Wáng Ruòlín (Mandarin)
Born Wang Ruolin
(1988-08-01) August 1, 1988 (age 30)
Taipei, Taiwan
Other names Joanna, New Tokyo Terror, Chicken Joanna, Alferd Packer, Poocat
Occupation Singer-songwriter
Years active 2008–present
Genre(s) Folk, jazz, pop, video game music, alternative
Instrument(s) Vocals, guitar, piano, kazoo
Label(s) Sony Music Taiwan
Parents Wang Chi-ping and Ginnie Fan
Influenced by Queen, Paul McCartney, Oingo Boingo, Yoeko Kurahashi, Video Game Music

Joanna Wang (Chinese: 王若琳; pinyin: Wáng Ruòlín) is a Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter, daughter of renowned music producer Wang Zhi-ping (王治平).[1] Born in Taipei but raised in Los Angeles, California, Wang dropped out from Gabrielino High School when she was 16. Her debut album, Start from Here, was released in January 2008 as a double-disc set, one in English and the other in Chinese. The album reached No.1 in Taiwan and has been popular throughout Southeast Asia. In June 2008, it was released in Japan. Her second album, Joanna & Wang Ruo-lin, which includes her all-original endeavor, The Adult Storybook, was released in January 2009.


As she was raised in the United States, Wang was exposed to many classic pop music acts, including but not limited to: The Beatles, Queen, and Oingo Boingo. Among her major influences are Danny Elfman, Yoeko Kurahashi (倉橋ヨエコ), Paul McCartney, and video game soundtracks, most notably those from the Castlevania, Zelda, and Mario series. She has stated in her YouTube videos[2] and in interviews[3][4] that she dislikes her debut and rejects it as her own work.

Wang is a left-handed guitarist.

She has performed some of her own work and has covered various popular songs in English and in Chinese on Taiwanese television programs.

Starting in 2013, Joanna began occasionally performing with a band under the name Alferd Packer & The Weird Uncles.[5]

In March 2016, Joanna performed in a production of the musical Turn Left, Turn Right, based on the illustrated book of the same name, sometimes known as A Chance of Sunshine in English.[6]


  • 2008: Singapore Hit Awards 2008 - Outstanding Newcomer
  • 2008: 9th CCTV-MTV Music Awards - Most Popular New Female Artist of the Year in Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • 2008: Metro Hits Music Awards - Metroshowbiz Hits Mandarin Songwriter Singer Big Award
  • 2008: Metro Hits Music Awards - Metro Radio Hits Most Voted Newcomer Award
  • 2008: China Mobile Wireless Music Awards - Most Potential New Female Singer
  • 2008: 2008 Beijing Chinese Pop Music Awards - Best Composer-Singer Newcomer




  • H.A.M. (Happy Accessible Music) (2016)

Cover albums[edit]

  • The Things We Do for Love (2011)
  • Midnight Cinema (2014)


  • a.^ Quotation in Chinese: "有壓力的話我也寧可這樣,我想做自己想要的音樂。"


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