Joanna of Burgundy

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Joanna of Burgundy
Noble familyHouse of Châlon-Arlay
Spouse(s)Ulrich III of Pfirt
Rudolf Hesso of Baden-Baden
William of Katzenelnbogen
FatherReginald of Burgundy
MotherGuillemette of Neufchâtel

Joanna of Burgundy (in French, Jeanne, died 1349) was a daughter of Reginald of Burgundy and his wife, Guillemette of Neufchâtel.

She married three times:

When her brother Othenin, Count of Montbéliard died childless in 1339, she and her second husband Rudolf Hesso inherited the Lordships of Belfort and Héricourt.

After the death of her third husband, she divided her possessions amongst her four daughters. Margaret received Héricourt; Adelaide and Ursula shared Belfort.