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JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
TypeGesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
IndustryApplied research, R&D, consulting
Founded1960s 1986 (as GmbH)
Key people
Dr. Wolfgang Pribyl (CEO)
OwnerJOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH is owned by the Province of Styria (80,75% of the shares), the BABEG - Kärntner Betriebsansiedlungs- & Beteiligungsgesellschaft (14,25%) and the Landesholding Burgenland (5%).
Number of employees
470 (2019)

JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (JOANNEUM RESEARCH) is a business oriented provider of innovation and technology. It is linked to a worldwide network and has been providing leading research according to the highest international standard since the 1960s. With focusing on applied research and technology development, the INNOVATION COMPANY plays a key role in transferring technology and know-how in Styria. More than 470 employees carry out research work at the main location in Graz and at the other locations in Niklasdorf, Weiz, Pinkafeld, Klagenfurt and Vienna.

Research Units[edit]

Research is performed in six institutes and one center:

MATERIALS - Institute for Surface Technology and Photonics[1][edit]

  • Hybrid Electronics and Patterning
  • Light and Optical Technologies
  • Laser and Plasma Processing
  • Sensors and Functional Printing
  • Smart Connected Lighting

HEALTH - Institute for Biomedicine and Health Sciences[2][edit]

  • Biomedical Tissue Monitoring
  • Bioanalysis and Metabolomics
  • Competence group Data Management and Biostatistics
  • Competence group Clinical Decision Support
  • Competence group Medical Sensors

DIGITAL - Institute for Information and Communication Technologies[3][edit]

POLICIES - Institute for Economic and Innovation Research[4][edit]

  • Technology, innovation and policy consulting
  • Data Analytics and Statistical Modelling
  • Regional economics and structural policy

ROBOTICS - Institute for Robotics and Mechatronics[5][edit]

  • Robot Systems Technologies
  • Robotics Evaluation Lab
  • Robotics Training Center

LIFE - Institute for Climate, Energy and Society[6][edit]

  • Weather and climate risk management
  • Future energy systems and lifestyle
  • International climate policy and economics
  • Urban Living Lab

COREMED - Cooperative Centre for Regenerative Medicine[7][edit]

  • Technologies for Tissue Regeneration

Research Areas[edit]

Information and Production Technologies

Manufacturing of products and goods is a major keystone supporting the prosperity and competitiveness of Europe in global markets. Comprehensive advances in production processes from increased digitalisation to optimisation in the sense of a functioning and low CO2 circular economy are required to secure the European business landscape.

Human Technologies and Medicine

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is the link between fundamental medical research and industrial applications. Strategic partnerships with local and international partners from business and scientific communities enable JOANNEUM RESEARCH to be an interdisciplinary supplier of turnkey solutions in the areas of medicine, pharmacy, medical technology and supply research in the medical field.

Society and Sustainability

The internationally agreed climate goals offer the European manufacturing industry many opportunities during the transition to climate-neutral production. The best possible alignment must be found between the aspects of resource use, environmental impact and economic efficiency. This is achieved with evidence-based innovation strategies, data-based technology developments and regional location assessment.


The name JOANNEUM RESEARCH is derived from Archduke John (1782-1859), who was very interested in natural sciences. The slogan of the company is „The Innovation Company“.


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