Joaquín María López y López

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Joaquín María López by José Casado del Alisal.

Joaquín María López y López (15 August 1798 in Villena, Spain – 14 November 1855 in Madrid, Spain) was a Spanish politician, writer and journalist who served twice as Prime Minister of Spain in 1843, during the reign of Queen Isabella II. López held other important political offices such as Minister of the Gobernation (1836–1837) and Mayor of Madrid in 1840.


His family, who helped several times different kings and queens from Spain, was a very important family. His real name was Joaquín María López de Oliver y López de Platas. He had 3 legitime children and a daughter from an affair he had.


  • El juramento
  • Discursos pronunciados en las Cortes de 1836, 37 y 38
  • Lecciones de elocuencia general, de elocuencia forense, de elocuencia parlamentaria y de improvisación
  • Colección de discursos parlamantarios, Defensas Forenses y producciones literarias