Joaquín Morales Solá

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Joaquín Morales Solá

Joaquín Morales Solá (born 1950) is an Argentine political journalist.

Morales Solá was born in Tucumán. He began his career in journalism at age 18, working for a prominent local newspaper, La Gaceta de Tucumán, and at 20 he became a correspondent at the Buenos Aires-based daily Clarín.

He studied at the School of Law of the National University of Tucumán, and later attended courses on Social Communication at Harvard University in the United States[citation needed].

In 1975 he moved to Buenos Aires and started working for Clarín. He wrote its political column for 12 years. He resigned from that post in January 1990, and in 1993 he became a political columnist for the conservative newspaper La Nación.[1]

Morales Solá has also participated as a political commentator on TV shows such as Tiempo Nuevo, Telefé Noticias, Dos en la Noticia and Bajo Palabra. He has published two books: Asalto a la ilusión (1991) and El sueño eterno (2002). He has received the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (1990), the Order of Isabella the Catholic (1992), and the National Order of Merit of the French Republic.[2] He received the Communication and Journalism Platinum Konex Award in 1987, 1997 and 2007.[3]


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