Joaquín Zavala

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Joaquín Zavala Solís (30 November 1835 Managua – 30 December 1906 Managua) was the President of Nicaragua from 1 March 1879 to 1 March 1883 and from 16 to 25 July 1893. He was a member of the Conservative Party of Nicaragua.

He is now remembered especially for having thwarted the request of the young Rubén Darío, later to become one of the most well-known Spanish-language poets, for a government scholarship to study in Europe. In 1882 Darío, then 15 years old, read some of his poetry to a group including the President - whereupon Zavala reportedly reproved him: "My son, if you so write against the religion of your fathers and their homeland now, what will become of you if you go to Europe and learn worse things?"[1]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Pedro Joaquín Chamorro
President of Nicaragua
Succeeded by
Adán Cárdenas
Preceded by
Salvador Machado
President of Nicaragua
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José Santos Zelaya