Job Orton

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Job Orton

Job Orton (4 September 1717 – 1783) was an English dissenting minister.


He was born at Shrewsbury. He entered the academy of Dr Philip Doddridge at Northampton, became minister of a congregation formed by a fusion of Presbyterians and Independents at High Street Chapel, Shrewsbury (1741), received Presbyterian ordination there (1745), resigned in 1766 owing to ill-health, and lived in retirement at Kidderminster until his death.[1]


He exerted great influence both among dissenting ministers and among clergy of the established church. He was deeply read in Puritan divinity, and adopted Sabellian doctrines on the Trinity. Old-fashioned in most of his views, he disliked the tendencies alike of the Methodists and other revivalists and of the rationalizing dissenters, yet he had a good word for Joseph Priestley and Theophilus Lindsey.[1]


Among his numerous works are Letters to Dissenting Ministers (ed by S. Palmer, 2 vols., 1806), and Practical Works (2 vols., with letters and memoir, 1842).



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