Jobos Beach

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Jobos Beach
Playa Jobos
Jobos Beach 01.jpg
Country  Puerto Rico
Municipality/City Flag Isabela
Ideal Areas for Surfing Surfing Scuba DivingScuba Diving
Playa Jobos
Jobos Beach is located in Puerto Rico
Jobos Beach
Location of Playa Jobos in Puerto Rico
Location Isabela, Puerto Rico
Coordinates 18°30′51″N 67°04′36″W / 18.5142°N 67.07675°W / 18.5142; -67.07675Coordinates: 18°30′51″N 67°04′36″W / 18.5142°N 67.07675°W / 18.5142; -67.07675
Jobos Beach @ Isabela, PR
Jobos Beach Aerial @ Isabela, PR

Jobos Beach (Spanish: Playa Jobos) is a beach located in the northwestern Puerto Rican municipality of Isabela on the PR-466 street. It is one of the best beaches to learn the Surfing Sport due to the great waves on a low depth area. It is also one of the best beaches for surfing competitions. The beach is one of the most visited of the northwest area of Puerto Rico.

If you are planning to surf at Jobos Beach, first, you should ask locals for basic instructions of how to avoid accidents. Due to the nature of the beach, there is a high current that drops you on the ocean. There are a few tricks on how to get out of it and enjoy the surfing paradise of this great beach. There are no lifeguards since it is not considered a "balneario" (public beach) but local surfers are known for helping if something happens.

This beach has had a growing tendency for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Jobos Beach also offers a great and clean area perfect for families with children, although the majority of the visitors are young people with an attitude of having a great time. You can always hear music on any spot of the beach and people are very kind with each others.

This beach is very respected by the locals; they are very concerned of the importance of having a clean and comfortable area so the maintenance is more taken by themselves instead of the government, so you better clean your spot before you leave because everyone will be watching. There is also a group of people pro-ambient that are continuously working on conserving the natural resources of the beaches at Puerto Rico.

There is also a bunch of good restaurants near by this beach. There are a few hotels but many guesthouses with prices that could range higher during high seasons. If you don’t need to stay close by the beach, you can find more reasonable places to stay inland at Isabela.

What can be done[edit]

Possibilities are endless. They include:

  • Swimming areas designated with buoys.
  • Sun Bathing: Excellent conditions year round[1] but beware of the tropical sun as exposure without proper sunblock may create uncomfortable situations such as sunburns and moderate to extreme itching when healing.
  • Surfing: Easily accessible, for all surfing levels, right powerful beach-break. Breaks best in North or Northeast swells with south winds. Nice channel to paddle out. Some nice bars and restaurants on the beach.[2] Near by this beach exists the two most recognized Surfboards fabricants of Puerto Rico; Pelicano Surfboard (Shaper Nestor) and Warner Vega Surfboard (Sharper Warner). They also offer it for rent.
  • Scuba and Snorkeling: There are Reefs, urchins, lots of fish and other marine wildlife.[3]
  • Sand: Fine yellowish sand.
  • Walking: If you are looking for traditional legends of Puerto Rico, on the higher rock of this beach you can find the "Pozo de Jacinto" with a spectacular view of the ocean and natural rocks.
  • Sunset: Since located on west side of Puerto Rico the possibilities are greater of an amazing sunset. Enjoy sitting and relaxing and wait for the sun to set down. Bring a book or mp3 to listen to music.
  • Hotels nearby: Some of them are Villa Montaña, Villas Del Mar Hau, Ocean Front, and Ocean Breeze Hotel (former Sonia Rican Beach House & Restaurant).

Surfing competitions[edit]

Name Origin[edit]

Its name is given by an old establishment nearby with the name of "Jobos".[5] Since then local people start calling the beach "Playa Jobos". The actual area called "Jobos" exists but in the upper section of the area but not on the actual coast.

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