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Jobster is an employment website, a metasearch engine for job listings.


Jobseekers can use the site to search job postings on as well as job boards from across the web and employer sites; explore user-generated content about companies and their culture and use social networking to connect with current and past employees at the companies the user is interested.[1] Features include:

  • Professional profiles. Jobster users create dynamic online profiles containing information about employment and educational history. Jobster profiles are optimized by search engines enabling increased profile visibility.
  • Superstar Tags. Users tag themselves much like users of Flickr or YouTube tag pictures or video, but with Jobster, users use as tags key attributes that represent their skills and background. Jobster introduced scarcity to tagging by limiting a user’s key tags to five, which can then be stack-ranked by the user to highlight the five most important attributes based upon which they want to be found.
  • Video Profiles. Users can add video resumes or other related video to their profiles; initially by embedding videos hosted on YouTube.[2]

Jobster provides recruiting tools and subscription contact management services for employers:

  • Free Job Postings. In early 2007, Jobster made posting a job on Jobster free. Each job is tagged with key candidate attributes and populates a list candidate matches in real time when posted.
  • Premium Hiring Tools. Jobster charges employers for use of premium hiring tools that extend the reach of employers hiring efforts


Jobster was founded in February 2004 by Jason Goldberg and Phillip Bogle. It is located in Seattle, Washington and is backed by the investors Ignition Partners, Trinity Ventures, Mayfield Fund and Reed Elsevier Ventures. Jobster makes money through its targeted job advertising services for employers.

In August 2005 Jobster acquired, a job meta-search engine founded by Mark Maunder, which was integrated into Jobster's home page. In May 2006, Jobster acquired founded by Tony Wright and Brian Fioca.[3] In June 2006, Jobster acquired run by Jason Davis. In January 2007, Jobster announced their exclusive job search partnership with Facebook.[4] The validity of this exclusive partnership was disputed in May when Oodle launched classifieds partnership with Facebook.[5][6] Jobster also hosts the Jobster Career Center on the Facebook Platform.

In April 2009, The company officially changed its name to to better align with its new strategic focus as a provider of sourcing and CRM for recruiters.[7] In April 2010 the web property was sold by to Zapoint, Inc., a provider of online employee career management and organizational planning solutions including SkillsMapper.[8] was acquired by in 2010.[9]

In June 2010, Jobster was named in the Lead411's Hottest Seattle Companies list.[10]

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