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Jobstr logo.jpg
Type of site
Available in English
Slogan(s) Ask people anything about their jobs
Registration Optional
Launched 2011
Current status Active

Jobstr is a job-related question-and-answer website founded in 2011, where users can host interactive Q&A's about their current or former profession. Jobstr features an "ask me anything" format, popularized by Reddit and Formspring, which deviates from the more traditional Q&A format employed by sites including Yahoo! Answers and Quora where any user may submit an answer to a question, after which other users can vote to indicate their favorite of all answers submitted. In an "ask me anything" format, conversely, any user may submit a question, but only the designated host of a Q&A may answer, typically resulting in more authoritative content. There are no fees to ask a question of a practitioner nor to host a Q&A, and users may participate anonymously after their qualifications have been approved by site moderators. Jobstr has been featured in the New York Post[1] and on the BBC Outriders podcast,[2] and several Jobstr Q&A's have been profiled in Business Insider.[3][4][5] Jobstr has been profiled in online career exploration guides,[6] and several U.S. universities have included Jobstr as a suggested career development resource for their students.[7][8]


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