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Related names Jack

Jock is a Scottish diminutive form of the forename "John"; it corresponds to Jack in England. It is also a nickname.

The name may refer to:

In sports[edit]


  • John Jock Campbell (British Army officer) (1894-1942), British Army officer and recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Joseph Jock Cunningham (1902-1969), British lieutenant colonel in the Spanish Civil War
  • Major C.J.D Jock Haswell, (1919-) British military and intelligence author and former British intelligence officer.
  • John Jock Lewes (1913-1941), British Army lieutenant, inventor of the Lewes bomb and founding principal training officer of the Special Air Service
  • John Jock Slater (born 1938), retired Royal Navy admiral, First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff
  • Graham Jock Stirrup (born 1949), retired Royal Air Force marshal
  • John Jock Wilson (British Army soldier) (1903–2008), British serviceman and oldest D-Day veteran

Politicians and diplomats[edit]

Artists and entertainers[edit]

  • Jock Bartley, American rock guitarist
  • Jock Gaynor (1929-1998), American actor, producer, and writer
  • Jock Macdonald (1897-1960), Scottish-born Canadian painter
  • Jock McFadyen (born 1950), British painter
  • Jock McIver, a stage name of the English music hall performer best known as Talbot O'Farrell (1878-1952)
  • Jacques Jock Mahoney (1919-1989), American actor and stuntman
  • George Jock Purdon (1925-1998), British poet and songwriter
  • Jock Soto (born c. 1965), American former ballet dancer and current instructor
  • Jock Sturges (born 1947), American photographer


See also[edit]

  • Joc Pederson (born 1992), American Major League Baseball player