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The Jock series is a superseries of sports anthem music albums started by Tommy Boy Records in 1994.

The Jock series consists of the Jock Rock, the Jock Jams and the Slam Jams series.

Jock Rock[edit]

The Jock Rock series of albums consisted of alternative and classic rock songs. Some tracks on the Jock Rock albums were dubbed into the "Jock Jam Megamix".

Year Album U.S. peak
1994 Jock Rock, Volume 1 79
1995 Jock Rock, Volume 2 121
1999 Jock Rock 2000 78

Jock Jams[edit]

Albums in the Jock Jams series mainly consist of 1980s and 1990s dance and house music, as well as hip hop, classic disco, mashups, and cheerleaders and other sports figures saying phrases. When some of the songs and quotes became popular, they were incorporated into a mash-up entitled "The Jock Jam".

Year Album U.S. peak
1995 Jock Jams, Volume 1 30
1996 Jock Jams, Volume 2 10
1997 Jock Jams, Volume 3 23
1998 Jock Jams, Volume 4 20
1999 Jock Jams, Volume 5 51
2001 Jock Jams: The All-Star Jock Jams 188