Jockey Fields

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Jockey fields
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Jockey Fields 1.jpg
Area of Search West Midlands
Grid reference SK041030
Interest Biological
Area 18.05 hectares
Notification 1994
Location map English Nature

Jockey fields (grid reference SK041030) is an 18.05 hectare (44.5 acre) biological site of Special Scientific Interest at Walsall Wood, in the West Midlands. The site was notified in 1994 under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and is currently managed by the Country Trust.

The site notification details 38 plant species recorded at this SSI:

Plant species recorded at Jockey Fields SSI
Carex acutiformis, lesser pond sedge. 
Typha latifolia, common bullrush. 
Filipendula ulmaria, meadowsweet. 
Lotus pedunculatus, greater bird's foot trefoil. 
Iris pseudacorus, yellow iris. 
Cirsium palustre, marsh thistle 
Holcus lanatus, Yorkshire fog. 
Juncus effusus, soft rush. 
Cardamine pratensis, cuckooflower. 
Mentha aquatica, water mint. 
Stellaria alsine, bog stitchwort 
Galium palustre, common marsh-bedstraw. 
Equisetum palustre, marsh horsetail. 

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Coordinates: 52°37′29″N 1°56′27″W / 52.62475°N 1.94087°W / 52.62475; -1.94087