Joco Music

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Joco Music
Studio album by Bocephus King
Released 1996
Recorded Mill Road Studio of Doom, Point Roberts, Washington, United States and Beatty Lane.
Genre Indie
Label Tonic Records, Spoondivy.
Producer Bocephus King, John Staniforth.
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Joco Music is Bocephus King's first CD. The sixteen track CD is a collection of blues/swing/country/rock songs with many New Orleans influences.

The CD was recorded inside Perry's parents' cabin in Point Roberts with help from an army of volunteer musicians and partner Dave Staniforth of Tsawwassen, who also has a CD due out soon: "Without Dave, it couldn't have happened like this."



  • Bocephus King: Vocals, guitar and percussion
  • Steve Dawson: Guitar, dobro and banjo
  • Jesse Zubot: Vocals, fiddle, Mandolin and upright bass
  • Craig Duccomun: Organ, accordion, and syther
  • Doug Fujisawa: Piano
  • Darryl Stables: Drums and percussion
  • Rob Post: Bass
  • Michael Perry: Bass
  • Dave Staniforth: Guitar
  • Panos Grames: Percussion and organ
  • Alice Dawson: Back up vocals
  • Theresa Riley: Back up vocals
  • Steve Hillian: Baritone saxophone
  • Dan Marcus: Trombone

Track listing[edit]

  1. What am I Doing Here?
  2. On the Hallelujah Side
  3. Trouble Me
  4. Where I'm Calling From
  5. If You Want Me I'll Be Drinking
  6. Digging My Grave
  7. Wartime Skies
  8. Safe in Heaven...Dead
  9. Juanita
  10. Lay Down
  11. I'll Die in Mine
  12. Pushing Up Daisies
  13. I Don't Even Want to Get Well
  14. The Haunting of a New York Moon
  15. The Beautiful Thing
  16. Joco Music