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Jody Weiner (full name: Jody Carl Weiner) is an American novelist, non-fiction author, film producer and lawyer.

Weiner wrote the literary suspense novel Prisoners of Truth (2004). The novel draws in part from his experiences defending high-profile criminal cases in Chicago.[1] Along with Jane Goodall, Mark Bekoff, Dave Soldier and other animal activists, he co-authored Kinship With Animals (2006), an anthology of true interspecies encounters. In the book, he writes about his experiences as lawyer for Koko the Gorilla. Weiner also co-edited Resistance: A Radical Political and Social History of the Lower East Side by Clayton Patterson (2007). Weiner was also advisor and legal counsel for the documentary A Conversation with Koko (1999), which received a Genesis Award for Best PBS Documentary in 2000.[2] He was also advisor to the feature film Loveless in Los Angeles (2006) and writer/director of the animated music video Lost My Mind Again (2004).[3]

Weiner was born and raised in Chicago where he spent eleven years defending criminal cases in state and federal courts. In 1985, he moved to San Francisco. There he began to write books and practice civil law. Weiner's clients have ranged from an inventor of the MRI machine to a death row inmate, from an NBA All-Star to Koko (gorilla) the signing gorilla. He has also served as corporate counsel for Skyy Spirits, LLC, has advised the Artist's Guild of San Francisco, the Gorilla Foundation, and is a Director of the Golda Foundation ( He holds a B.A. in sociology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a J.D. from DePaul University.[3]

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