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Joe's Diner is a sequence of TV shorts created by and aired on NFL Network that features Joe Montana and a host of other characters discussing current issues in the National Football League from the perspective of the diner's patrons. The short is used as a way for the network to hype up their Thursday and Saturday Night Football games.[1] New episodes will be generated throughout the season and will include a season finale that will air during Super Bowl XLII.[1]

The show was produced by the creative team of Triple Double, who say that they took "offense at the way sports fans are typically portrayed on television."[2] The shows are filmed immediately after Sunday’s games and filmed every other Monday.[2]

The shorts are shown on NFL Network but can also be seen at the show's website.


Episode 1
The diner discusses Peyton Manning's frequent appearances in commercials. Episode only shows diner window with voice overs.

Episode 2
The diner discusses Adrian Peterson and the differences between a freak and super freak. Episode only shows diner window with voice overs.

Episode 3
The gang discusses LaDainian Tomlinson and "Teeders". Episode only shows diner window with voice overs.

Episode 4
The gang compares British Football/Soccer to American Football. Episode only shows diner window with voice overs.

Episode 5
The first episode that actually shows the inside of the dinner, Matt exposes the Sociological roots of fantasy football. He comments that it is "unAmerican" that Stan won his fantasy football game with Jeff Garcia even though Jeff Garcia lost the actual NFL game. This episode ends with Matt accusing everyone in the diner of being a communist.

Episode 6
In this episode, Matt comments on the New England Patriots perfect season.

Episode 7
At the midpoint of the season, each of the diner patrons pick their sleeper (surprise) teams for the remainder of the season. Matt indicates that "Any team with teal in their uniform counts as a sleeper" while referring to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Episode 8
Matt and Stan debate the greatness of Peyton Manning with Matt equating Peyton pre-snap moves to an Aerobics instructor.

Episode 9
In this episode, the matchup between Tony Romo and Brett Favre is equated to Wyatt Earp versus Doc Holliday

Episode 10
Stan calls Brett Favre the greatest ever, causing the diner patrons to bring up Tom Brady, Bart Starr, Steve Young, Dan Marino, and Terry Bradshaw while notably leaving out Joe Montana.

Episode 11
Matt argues he could tackle Devin Hester if he was "loose in the diner".

Episode 12
Discussing the matchup between coaches Gary Kubiak and Mike Shanahan, the gang anticipates some "Shanahanagiens" and notes that Kubiak will not call time out immediately before a kicker like Shanahan did early this season to win a game.

Episode 13
The diner debates who is more attractive, Tom Brady or Carson Palmer. As noted in [3]'s discussion of this episode, it is a play on all the men out there that have a "man crush" on Tom Brady. Matt notes that Brady would be better looking than Palmer even if Brady had Jaundice.

Episode 14
In this episode, Matt argues that Ben Roethlisberger should not have shaved his beard because he will need it in the playoffs. Matt cites notable figures in history that have used the "natural grass" including Dan Fouts, Abraham Lincoln, and "the guy in the paper towel wrapper".

Episode 15
The diner comments that Tony Romo should have a very pleasant holiday due to everything that is going right in his life despite the fumbled snap from the 2006 playoffs. Joe takes credit for saying that Tony Romo would recover but Matt points out that Joe also said that the Miami Dolphins would have a great 2007 season.

Episode 16
On the verge of the final game in what could be the New England Patriots perfect season, the diner reflects on the significance of the accomplishment. Stan states that he hopes the New York Giants win the game, seemingly just to spite Matt.


Joe Clifford[edit]

Played by Joe Montana, Joe Clifford is a name derived from Joe Montana's first and middle name. Joe is the current owner of the diner. There is a fictitious "Meet Joe Clifford" documentary on Joe Clifford's life on the show's website. In it, it indicates that Joe initially worked as a bus boy for the diner for his father. As a waiter, he would often sing and dance to the diner patrons. In high school, Joe was a standout in both Basketball and Football and signed with State University to play basketball. In his freshman year, however, he was injured when attempting his tears from heaven dunk shot, thus ending his athletic career. In 1974, Joe moved to California, where he was a drummer for the band 3 Dog Night and even ventured into the movie business. Following this, he traveled the world and enjoyed many adventures. While away, however, Joe found out that the Diner was doing quite poorly after his father had sold it. This inspired Joe to return home and take over the diner.[4]

Matt Fitzgerald[edit]

Matt has been a longtime diner patron and unapologetic Patriot fan. Though he's lived in Centerville since age 9, he retains the thick accent of his Worcester, Massachusetts ancestral home. Owns and operates three Fitzgerald Brothers Auto Washers. All time favorite players: Steve Grogan, Rodney Harrison, and Tom Brady.[4] Matt has a Blog called 'Matty's Pats Blog'


An Assistant General Manager of Human Resources and father of two, Stan still finds the time to hold down the corner seat at Joe's Counter. Stan enjoys fantasy football, rollerblading with his wife, and collecting live progressive rock recordings.[4]


An adjunct professor at Centerville Community College, Steve "Machine" Osieczank has been working on his doctoral thesis in Political Commitment in 20th century literature since 1998. All time favourite players: Ed Podolak, Pete Gogolak, and Ted Kwalik.[4]