Joe's Valley

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Whitney Foster bouldering at Joe's Valley

Joe's Valley is a large concentration of sandstone boulders East of the Joe's Valley Reservoir near Orangeville, Utah. There are 3 main areas of Joe's the Left Fork, the Right Fork, and New Joes.

Famous Problems[edit]

  • Black Lung (V13) - Area 51
  • Phony Baloney Traverse (V8) - Area 51
  • Pocket Rocket (V5) - Area 51
  • Smoking Joe (V9) - Big Joe
  • Scary Monster (V6) - Big Joe


  • A Bouldering Guide to Utah, Baldwin, Beck, and Russo.

Coordinates: 39°16′35″N 111°10′26″W / 39.27639°N 111.17389°W / 39.27639; -111.17389