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Joe Bush is a legendary ghost that allegedly haunts the Sumpter Valley Gold Dredge in Sumpter, Oregon, United States. Dredge workers working on the No. 42 dredge at Sumpter Valley have reportedly claimed the ghost leaves wet, bare footprints on the dredge's decks, causes lights to flicker, and doors to open and close unexpectedly.[1]


Various authors have speculated on the identity of the ghost.

  1. Former workers claim a mechanic named Joe Bush worked on the No. 42 dredge and may have provided an alternate name for employment records, however there is no documentation recording the employment of anyone named Joe Bush. [2]
  2. An oiler named "Chris Rowe" is said to have maintained the gearbox on the No. 1 dredge. According to the story, in 1918 he was crushed in the gears, and when the gears from the No. 1 dredge were transferred to the No. 3 dredge, his ghost supposedly traveled with them.[2]

Popular culture[edit]

In the Skeleton Creek book series, a man named Henry trying to get gold from the dredge pretends to be the ghost of Joe Bush.

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