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The Joe Jeffrey Group was an American rhythm and blues band, who had a No. 14 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1969, and entered Vancouver's CKLG chart May 23, 1969, with "My Pledge Of Love".[1] The group was made up of Joe Jeffrey (born Joseph Stafford Jr., Cleveland, Ohio) (vocals, guitar), Al Russ (bass), Charles Perry (percussion) and Ron Browning (drumspl).[2] Joe was born in Arkansas.

The group also recorded a version of "My Baby Loves Lovin'", which charted concurrently with the bigger hit by White Plains. Their version reached No. 115 on the Billboard Bubbling Under chart.

In the early to mid-1970s, Jeffrey played in the greater Cleveland area three or four nights a week, in a bar off Miles Road named "In The Woods". The dark road off Miles road was literally 'in the woods'. A one-man band, he played guitar and sang. His repertoire included "My Pledge of Love", "My Baby Loves Lovin'", old standards, Stevie Wonder, different R&B artists, and his version of "Impossible Dream".

Stafford died of cancer at his Cleveland home on September 4, 2016, at age 80.[3]

"My Pledge of Love" chart performance[edit]

Weekly singles chart (1969) Peak
Canada RPM[4] 6
U.S. Billboard Hot 100[5] 14
U.S. Cashbox Top 100[6] 13


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