Joe Martin (All My Children)

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Joe Martin
Joe martin amc.jpg
Ray MacDonnell as Joe Martin
All My Children character
Portrayed by Ray MacDonnell
Duration 1970–2011, 2013
First appearance January 5, 1970
Last appearance September 2, 2013
Created by Agnes Nixon
Introduced by Agnes Nixon
Bud Kloss
Classification Present, recurring
  • Doctor of Internal Medicine
  • Chief of Staff (pre-2002, 2003–08)
  • Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
Residence Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Joe Martin is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime and The Online Network soap opera All My Children. Ray MacDonnell played the character from the show's inception on January 5, 1970, until his retirement on January 5, 2010.[1] He reprised his role for three episodes in March 2011,[2] and again for two episodes in September 2011 for the show's ABC finale.[1] The character is the longest running original character, the second being his former daughter-in-law Erica Kane. In 2005, MacDonnell received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Daytime Emmys.[1]

MacDonnell's 2010 retirement was brought on by the production of the show moving from New York to Los Angeles.[3] The character of Joe along with his longtime wife Ruth leave town and retire to Florida.[2] MacDonnell reprised his role as Joe Martin on the Prospect Park's continuation of All My Children.

Brief Character History[edit]

Dr. Joe Martin, the head of one of the founding families in Pine Valley, was a widower raising two children, Jeff and Tara, when he met and married Ruth, a nurse at the hospital where he worked. They adopted another son, Tad, and had a surprise child of their own, Joey. The Martin marriage was threatened only once, when Joe developed a fondness for one of his patients, but after a brief separation, Ruth and Joe reconciled.

When Charles Tyler, Chief of Staff, died, Joe assumed his position. His history at Pine Valley Hospital has been nearly impeccable, except for a brief time when he was forced to step down by allegations made by conniving David Hayward. Joe has survived a tornado that almost took Tad's life, had a massive heart attack brought on by a confrontation with Dimitri Marick, and dealt with all the problems that have affected his children. He is the patriarch of Pine Valley and the steady voice of reason.

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