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Joe Newton

Joe Newton (born c. 1929) was a high school cross country and track coach at York High School in Elmhurst, Illinois. In over fifty years of coaching, he has won 28 Illinois state cross country titles[1] and one track state title.[2] A feature-length documentary was made about his life and successes, called The Long Green Line[3] after his team's nickname.[4]

Among his many accomplishments he was an assistant manager in charge of marathon runners in the U.S. team for the 1988 Olympics. He was the first high school coach to hold such an honor.[5] He was awarded the National Cross Country Coach of the Year four times and has written four books, concentrating on training and motivation.[6] He is known for motivational talks that focus on the philosophical and psychological factors that are required for success.

"A person can have some talent and some character and have the chance to succeed. But, if he has tons of talent and no character, he will fail." Quote from Newton [7]
"It's nice to be great, but far greater to be nice."
"How sweet it is!"
"However fast you are running, run faster."
"To run like Jake is to run like a thick heifer."
"Talk is cheap, dirt is free. Don't tell me, show me."
""Eat Pasta, Run Fasta"
"Your mind can make you train, your body can create power, but only your heart can make you a champion."
"'When you take the day off, you lose two days, one for what you lost and one for what you could have gained.

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