Joe Palooka in the Big Fight

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Joe Palooka in the Big Fight
"Joe Palooka in the Big Fight" (1949).jpg
Directed by Cy Endfield
Produced by Hal E. Chester
Screenplay by Stanley Prager
Starring Leon Errol
Joe Kirkwood Jr
Music by Edward J. Kay
Cinematography Mack Stengler
Edited by Otho Lovering
Fred Maguire
Distributed by Monogram Pictures
Release date
Running time
66 mins
Language English

Joe Palooka in the Big Fight is a 1949 comedy film directed by Cy Endfield,[1] based on the comic strip by Ham Fisher.[2] It is an entry in Monogram's low-budget, high-grossing Joe Palooka series.[3]


Joe is framed by gamblers who hope to fix the outcome of an upcoming boxing match. When Joe manages to clear his name, the gamblers frame the scrupulously honest boxer with murder. On the run from the law, Joe is forced to turn gumshoe and solve the murder himself—and he'd better hurry if he's going to get to the Big Fight on time.[3]


Critical reception[edit]

TV Guide noted a "better-than-average "Joe Palooka" film...Making the most of realistic dialog, director Cyril Endfield moves the film along at a nice pace while holding together a number of plot lines. Surprisingly, there isn't much boxing footage in this one.[4]


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