Joe Rogan Questions Everything

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Joe Rogan Questions Everything
Joe Rogan Questions Everything.jpg
Genre Entertainment
Narrated by Joe Rogan
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 6
Executive producer(s) Joe Rogan, Arthur Smith, Kent Weed, Frank Sinton, Michael Braverman, Tod Mesirow, Barry Bloom, Jeff Sussman, Chandra Keyes
Producer(s) A. Smith & Co. Productions
Camera setup Multiple
Running time 42 minutes
Production company(s) SyFy
Distributor SyFy
Original network SyFy
Original release July 24 (2013-07-24) – September 25, 2013

Joe Rogan Questions Everything is an American television series that premiered on SyFy in 2013. The series follows entertainer and stand-up comedian Joe Rogan and co-host Duncan Trussell as they look into paranormal and extraordinary mysterious subjects like Bigfoot, psychic ability and UFOs. The show's form is based on a presentation of the topic following up with interviews with experts and members of the public that claim anecdotal evidence for the cases. Various field research trips are also done in an attempt to gather evidence. Through the series Joe Rogan takes the position of a skeptic. The show is loosely based on conversations and topics from the Joe Rogan Experience with some video out-takes. Some topic presentations and general discussions are set in a podcast studio. Joe Rogan Questions Everything is produced by A. Smith & Co.Productions.[1][2]

The show was cancelled after one six-episode season.


Joe Rogan Questions Everything was SyFy's most watched reality premiere in more than five months, averaging 1.3 million total viewers.[3]

Guests and appearances[edit]

In the episode "RoboSapien" Joe Rogan interviews Ray Kurzweil with comedian Duncan Trussell appearing as a co-host.[4]


No. Air date [5] Title Synopsis
1 July 24, 2013 Bigfoot DNA Is Bigfoot real? Joe Rogan research evidence for the existence of the Sasquatch aka. Bigfoot and goes hiking looking for him. [6]
2 August 14, 2013 Weaponized Weather Is there a big shadow government secretly weaponizing the weather systems? Joe Rogan researches chemtrails and HAARP. [7]
3 August 21, 2013 Robosapien Will future innovations make man into machine? Joe Rogan looks into the idea of Robo-Sapiens, that the continuation of human evolution is merging man and machine. Topics include downloading the brain and living forever as the body is replaced. [8]
4 September 11, 2013 Biopocalypse Can a viral outbreak cause a worldwide apocalypse? Joe Rogan looks at the issue of mutated virus outbreaks, underground labs and their potential to kill all of mankind. [9]
5 September 18, 2013 Real Close Encounters Do UFOs really exist? Joe Rogan researches UFO evidence in the form of implants and anecdotal evidence of cattle mutilations, close encounters, backwards engineering of alien spacecraft and a government cover-up. Joe and Duncan go to Skinwalker ranch to look for UFOs. [10]
6 September 25, 2013 Psychic Spies Do psychics really exist? Joe Rogan investigates claims of psychic ability and performs tests on himself. He meets with a mentalist who shows him how easy the mind can be deceived. [11]