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Joe Rush
Born 1960
Nationality British

Joe Rush (born 1960) influenced by the film Mad Max and Judge Dredd comics, is the founder of Mutoid Waste Company, a performance arts collective of artists.[1][2][3]

In 1980, Rush exhibited at The Car Breaker Gallery in Frestonia, London.[4] Throughout the eighties he built techno-industrial sculptures at parties and festivals, and then travelled across both Western and Eastern Europe to continue the work. From making a "car henge" at Glastonbury (stone circle made out of cars), he progressed to using armoured personnel carriers and fighter planes in Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

After leaving Britain for many years, Rush returned to the UK where he and his crew became involved with robotics and animation, as well as organising Mutoid Waste Company projects around the world.[5] He has had other art displayed around the country, like "X-Ray Ted Mosquito" as part of Liverpool Discovers 2011.[6]


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