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Joe Shanahan is the founder and owner of Metro Chicago and Smart Bar in Chicago, Illinois.[1] He is also the part owner of the Daily Bar and Grill,[2] as well as Double Door.[3]

Shanahan is regarded as an expert in the field of independent music promotion, speaking for groups including DePaul University,[4] Columbia College, City of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs,[5] MOBfest,[6] South By Southwest, CIC[7] and Canadian Music Week.[8]

Shanahan was one of the earliest supporters of the Smashing Pumpkins.[9] He also managed the Smoking Popes[10] as well as Diane Izzo.[11]

Shanahan serves on the board of Rock For Kids, a charity providing Christmas gifts and music lessons to homeless and needy children in Chicago.[8]

On October 11, 2007, Shanahan was awarded a Recording Academy Honors from the Chicago Chapter of The Recording Academy in recognition of Metro's 25 years in the Chicago music community.[12]

In the summer of 2008, Shanahan publicly opposed the Promoters Ordinance proposed by the city of Chicago. He was part of a group of business leaders who convinced the city to table the proposal.[13]


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