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Joseph Ybarra (born ~1954)[citation needed] is an American producer and designer of video games. He left Apple Computer in 1982 to work at the new Electronic Arts that was founded by his fellow ex-employee Trip Hawkins. He was the original producer of the first Madden NFL.

Professional biography[edit]

Joe Ybarra worked at Apple Computer before leaving in 1982 to work at Electronic Arts, a startup company founded by his fellow ex-Apple employee, Trip Hawkins.[1][2] There he became one of the original game producers and game designers at Electronic Arts[3] in 1982 (along with Stewart Bonn, Dave Evans (Apple), Susan Lee-Merrow and Pat Marriott), where the concept of a game producer was created by Trip Hawkins. During this time he produced several highly acclaimed computer games, including M.U.L.E.[3] by Dani Bunten and Ozark Softscape, Seven Cities of Gold (also by Bunten), Starflight[3] and Dr. J. and Larry Bird Go One on One by Eric Hammond. Ybarra was also the original producer on the first version of Madden NFL.[4]

He later became president of game publisher Infocom[5][6] and produced MMORPGs for Sierra Online and Monolith Productions.[7]

He had been working with Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and its subsidiary FireSky on the Stargate Worlds MMO as Senior Vice President of Strategic Operations.[3][8] However, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment filed for bankruptcy on February 12, 2010[9] and no longer sells or operates Stargate: Resistance.[10]

On March 11, 2013 Joe Ybarra announced a Kickstarter project for a simulation game called Shackleton Crater, billed as "the lunar colonization strategy game based on today's science and tomorrow's dream." However, it was closed down before achieving its funding goals.[11]

Currently, Joe Ybarra also teaches classes on video game production at Collins College in Phoenix, Arizona.[citation needed]

Video games produced or designed[vague] by Joe Ybarra[edit]


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