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Joel Rose is an American journalist and novelist.


His novels include The Blackest Bird (2007),[1] Kill the Poor (1988),[2] and Kill Kill Faster Faster (1988).[3] He also authored the urban historical, New York Sawed in Half: An Urban Historical (2001).[4]

His journalism has appeared in Black Book Magazine, Bomb Magazine, Details, The Los Angeles Times, Marie Claire, New York Magazine, New York Newsday, The New York Times, and PAPER Magazine, among others.[citation needed] He also established and co-edited (with Catherine Texier) the Lower East Side quarterly literary magazine Between C & D (1983–1990), and has written for several television shows, including Kojak and Miami Vice.[citation needed]

Kill the Poor and Kill Kill Faster Faster were made into films in 2003 and 2008, respectively, and Rose participated in the screen adaptation of the latter. Kill Kill Faster Faster (2008) won Best International Feature at the 2008 London Independent Film Festival,[5][6] won Best Editing in a HD Feature Film and second place in Best High-Definition Feature at the 2008 HDFest,[7] and won Best Independent Feature Film at 2008 Charity Erotic Awards.[8]

Rose has edited and co-authored graphic novels for DC Comics, including La Pacifica (Paradox Press), written with Amos Poe with art by Tayyar Ozkan, and Get Jiro! (Vertigo Comics), written with Anthony Bourdain with art by Langdon Foss.[9] Get Jiro! was a #1 New York Times Bestseller.[citation needed] A prequel to Get Jiro!, Get Jiro! Blood and Sushi was published in October 2015. Blood and Sushi was also a New York Times Bestseller.

Rose's work has been translated into 12 languages.[citation needed]

Personal life[edit]

Rose was married to his literary partner Catherine Texier, with whom he has two daughters.[10] Texier documented the decline of their relationship in her memoir Breakup: The End of a Love Story (1998).[11] Rose is now married to editor/publisher Karen Rinaldi.[citation needed] They have two sons.


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