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Joel Ross
Born Joel Hogg
(1977-05-31) 31 May 1977 (age 36)
Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Nationality British
Other names Joel
Occupation Radio DJ, television presenter

Joel Ross (born Joel Hogg in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, 31 May 1977) is a British multi award winning radio DJ and television presenter. He is best known for his work with co-host Jason King (known on-air as JK), he presented the coveted UK Top 40 show on BBC Radio 1 each Sunday from March 2005 to October 2007. They also hosted the network's early breakfast show from Monday to Thursday.


Early radio presenter[edit]

Joel Ross started out in radio as a presenter on his hometown station Yorkshire Coast Radio in 1993 at the age of 16 presenting the evening show and Nothing But the 90s.

He left in late 1995 and moved further up north and presented various shows on Minster FM, A1FM, Sun City 103.4, TFM Radio and Metro Radio as well as being a travel presenter for many stations in the North.

JK and Joel[edit]

He joined Viking FM in 1996, starting on the nightshift. He worked his way up to the late show, off-air breakfast producer, evening show host and afternoon show presenter. He was then offered the chance to pair up with JK, a long-time colleague and socialising partner, on the breakfast show which JK had hosted alone for the previous year.

Initially, the arrangement was just for Ross to earn some overtime from his afternoon shift by reading JK's travel reports; but instantly it became clear that the pair had a natural broadcasting rapport as well as great ability to communicate with the audience, and so Ross was relieved of his afternoon duties and elevated to the role of breakfast co-host. Together, they won two Sony Radio Academy Awards Gold for 'Breakfast Show Of The Year' and a Silver for 'Entertainment Show'. Their cheeky, laddish style ensured a rapid rise in the ratings and the move to Manchester's Key 103 where they still remain as the most popular show. With more awards and even higher audience figures, the BBC signed up the pair.

They went on to join BBC Radio 1 in Spring of 2004. They initially hosted a weekend afternoon programme before moving to the Radio 1 Chart show in March 2005. They also presented the early breakfast show every Monday - Thursday from 4:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. replacing Nemone Metaxas who left to join BBC 6 Music. They did not host the early breakfast show on a Friday, to compensate for their Sunday chart show and TV commitments, being replaced by Fearne Cotton and Reggie Yates of Top of the Pops fame.

They have also hosted programmes for BBC Three, Pure Soap, and Men & Motors. Ross distinguished himself by winning Channel 5's Britain's Worst Celebrity Driver competition in September 2005, despite the best efforts of JK, his co-driver. They were also seen every Sunday morning on the CBBC show Escape from Scorpion Island on BBC Two. They took over from Reggie Yates and Caroline Flack who hosted the first series. JK and Joel were the presenters of both series 2 and series 3 of Escape from Scorpion Island. This programme was Bafta nominated and is shown all over the world.

In January 2006, the duo won a "celebrity pairings" edition of The Weakest Link, raising £12,900 for the Five Stars Scanner Appeal, a children's charity they had supported while working in Manchester. In February 2007, JK and Joel appeared on Virgin Media TV channel 999, 'Virgin iD' introducing the new features of the cable service.

Also in February 2007, the two became presenters of the CBBC show Hider in the House. In the programme, a celebrity had to be hidden in a family's house by three children and a parent. If the family have fewer than three children, they use friends or related children to make up the numbers. The other parent of the family thinks they are taking part in a totally different programme. The children involved must undergo a series of tasks to win prizes which they will receive if the unaware parent does not work out what is really happening. The tasks are sometimes very messy or involve getting the unaware parent to do strange things. The show ran for 4 series and was the channel's most watched show.

The format, was devised by Eyeworks UK, won the Best Entertainment prize at the 2008 Rose d'Or ceremony.

In July 2007, JK and Joel launched on ITV with their new show music quiz show Sing It Back: Lyric Champion.

They left Radio in late 2007 but continue to have strong ties with the BBC as presenters. Their last show being the chart show on 30 September. They were replaced by Greg James in the early breakfast slot, who the pair said on the record that "Greg is the next big thing in radio" and taking over the chart show were good friends Fearne & Reggie.

They quickly joined the national radio station Virgin Radio to present their 10am - 1pm slot at weekends, but left the station in the later part of 2008 following the radio stations take over and subsequent rebranding as Absolute Radio.[1][2]

Between 2008 and 2009, they presented series 2 and 3 of Escape from Scorpion Island on ABC in Australia and the BBC in the UK. They hosted the first series of My Camp Rock on the Disney Channel in the UK and Ireland in 2009.

JK and Joel made a return to radio in early 2009, covering shows on Manchester's Key 103 and Leeds' 96.3 Radio Aire. In July 2009, it was announced that the duo would permanently take over the breakfast show from Simon Logan on Radio Aire. The pair signed a contract for two years. They made their debut on 20 July 2009 and left the station in 20 July 2011. They also presented JK and Joel's Saturday Night Thing on some Bauer Place stations until July 2011.[3] Their TV show Remote Control Star launched on BBC in early 2011. In August 2011, they presented stints on the Capital network.

In August 2011, JK and Joel signed to the Capital FM network.

From November 2011, the duo started presenting for Flirt!TV on Tour - a weekly mini series following different nights out at Universities around the country.

Ross appeared as part of the Channel 4 Racing's Morning Line team on 7 April 2012.

In January 2013, Joel joined Heart West Midlands. Since joining Heart Radio, he has been covering a number of shows for Neil 'Roberto' Williams on the evening show and Heart West Midlands Breakfast.

From 6th May 2014 Global Radio will extend its Heart Radio network to the Real Radio network of regional stations. Joel has been announced that he will be the new breakfast show in the North west along with Lorna Bancroft

Outside radio[edit]

Ross's passions away from radio include the television soap opera Prisoner: Cell Block H, as well as a love for professional wrestling. He is a sports fan, supporter of Manchester United and a horse racing fanatic

He co-hosts The Sun's WrestleCast with journalist Simon 'LilsBoy' Rothstein, interviewing WWE and TNA wrestlers.

His dream is to work in the USA full time and be involved with wrestling in some writing/broadcasting capacity.

He also is a host of Wrestle Talk TV. Originally a YouTube-based show talking about the recent wrestling action as well as interviews with both WWE and TNA wrestlers. The show debuted on Challenge on 26 August 2012.

Ross shares his birthday with Reggie Yates, the person who succeeded him as the host of The Official Chart.


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