Joel Silbersher

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Joel Silbersher
Also known as Joel Rock'n'Roll, Melonman
Born 1971
Genres rock
Occupation(s) DJ, musician, songwriter
Instruments Guitar, vocals
Years active 1986–present
Associated acts Hoss, Tendrils, Dirty Three, Tex Perkins, GOD
Notable instruments
Gibson guitars

Joel Silbersher is a musician from Melbourne, Australia, who was the singer and guitar player for rock and roll band, GOD (1986–1989).[1][2] GOD had a minor but enduring hit with "My Pal," a song written by Silbersher.[3] Since its release in 1988, "My Pal" has been covered by bands such as Dinosaur Jr, Magic Dirt, Violent Soho, Bonnie Prince Billy, and Peabody. At the closing of Melbourne's Tote Hotel,[4] Silbersher and The Drones played "My Pal" as the very last song.[5][6]

Silbersher went on to form Hoss and Tendrils, also working with Tex Perkins and Dirty Three.[7] He has recorded as a solo artist, releasing the album Greasy Lens on King Crab Records in October 2002.[8]


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