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Solomon Joel

The Joel family of England was headed by three brothers, Jack, Woolf and Solomon, who made a fortune in diamond and gold mining in South Africa. Their father was Joel Joel (1836–1893) and their mother Catherine "Kate" Joel née Isaacs (1840–1917), a sister of Barnett Isaacs, later to be known as Barney Barnato.

As well as being prominent Randlords, several of the Joel family became widely known in thoroughbred horse racing as owner/breeders of numerous winners of British Classic Races.

The Joel brothers[edit]

Other Joels[edit]

Other prominent members of the Joel family include:

  • Stanhope Henry Joel (1903–1973), businessman, Thoroughbred racehorse owner/breeder
  • Dudley Joel (1904–1941), businessman, politician, World War II naval officer

Other relations[edit]

Family tree[edit]

Joel Joel (1836/1837 - 7 Apr 1893), son of Isaac Joel (c1800-1847) and Rebecca Solomon (c1800-1842). Joel Joel married Catherine Isaacs (1840, Spitalfields - 8 Nov 1917). She was the daughter of Isaac Isaacs and Leah Harris

  1. Jack Barnato Joel (29 Sep 1862 - 13 Nov 1940) x Edith Richards (3 children) xx Olive Coulson Sopwith (d. 1937)[1]
    1. Harry "Jim" Joel (1894–1992), businessman, philanthropist, Thoroughbred racehorse owner/breeder
    2. May
    3. Kathleen
  2. Woolf Joel (1863-March 1898) (shot dead in Johannesburg office by blackmailer Baron Kurt von Veltheim whose real name was Karl Frederic Moritz Kurtze, and was born at Allhausen, Brunswick, on 4 December 1857)
    1. Geoffrey (10 March 1896 London - 22 March 1957 Johannesburg) x Edith - maiden name unknown.[2]
  3. Solomon Barnato Joel (23 May 1865 - 22 May 1931) married Ellen "Nellie" Ridley (-14 August 1919) (5 children) xx Phoebe Carlow
    1. Doris Irene Kathleen d. 14 August 1919 x Arthur Walter
    2. Woolf d.13 November 1923, named after Uncle Woolf Joel
    3. Stanhope Henry b.8 February 1903 at 2 Gt. Stanhope St, Mayfair x Gladys MacFadden
      1. Solna, married Harry Thomson Jones
      2. Dana
      3. Thalia
    4. Dudley Jack Barnato (26 April 1904 - 26 May 1941) (drowned at sea) - Conservative Party Member of Parliament x Esme Ritchie
    5. Eileen Daphne Solvia (20 March 1907 - 30 Jan 1974) x John Rogerson

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  2. ^ Edith is shown on the National Archives of the UK, in the UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960. Both Geoffrey and Edith arrived in Southampton, England, on the Athalone Castle ship on the 21 May 1954.

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