Joelle Maryn

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Joelle Maryn
Joelle Maryn Photo.JPG
Residence Austin, Texas, U.S.
Nationality American
Occupation CEO of Cattiva Cosmetics, model, television personality

Joelle Maryn is a former television personality for ABC[1] and model. She is the founder and CEO of Cattiva Cosmetics.

Modeling and television career[edit]

Maryn began her modeling career at a casting call in New York City having been encouraged by her husband to try out.[2] During her career she worked for several national campaigns, became a face of Jergens,[3] and was featured on a billboard in Times Square for the WWE debut season of Tough Enough.[2][4] In 1997 she became a co-host for Trend TV, a television show that aired on ABC-5 in the Southeast Asia region.[5] In 2000 she became a cover model for romance novels published by Zebra Bouquet and Kensington Books, including the books Moon Hunter by Deanne Mascle,[6] Wild Irish Rogue by Suzanne Barrett,[7] and Something So Right by Jane Kidder.[8] She also appeared as the character Susan in the 2001 film They Only Come Out at Night.[9] After her career as a model she began working as a make-up artist in New York and Los Angeles.[10] In 2011 Joelle Maryn was crowned Mrs. Austin America.[2]

Cattiva Cosmetics[edit]

Maryn founded Cattiva Cosmetics in 2008 in Austin, Texas after moving from Los Angeles,[11] naming the company for the Italian word cattiva, which means "naughty".[10] The cosmetic products developed by the company are infused with anti-aging minerals.[1] During its first four years, Cattiva products and beauty advice were featured in Beauty Entertainment Magazine,[12][13] La Mode Dallas,[14] Vanity Fair,[15] Redbook,[16] on VH1,[17] and on CNN.[18] Joelle Maryn herself has also appeared on several television networks to discuss make-up application and trends, including NBC[1] and YNN.[19][20][21] In 2011 she was a presenter at the Austin Fashion Awards as CEO of the company.[22] In 2012 thecompany began designing make-up appliances in addition to make-up itself, starting with mineral cosmetic friendly application brushes.[23]


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