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Joey "Jett" Hornish, born June 19, 1998 is a skateboarder from Maryland. He lives outside Baltimore with his mother, Isabella, father, Steve, and brother, Stephen.[1] His mother, Isabel Cumming, came up with the name "Joey Jett", and it stuck as his professional name.


At the age of six, Joey received a skateboard from his mother, who bought it at Goodwill. His neighborhood friend had introduced the sport to him, and has loved it ever since. Joey skates in local and national competitions, and has been invited to skate at the AST Dew Tour in 2006 - 2009. In 2006, he became the youngest skateboarder in the world to perform a 540 at the Dew tour. Also in 2006, at the PlayStation Hook Up, he was named event MVP by Mike Vallely. In 2007, he performed 4 continuous 540's in one run while at the Dew Tour stop in Washington State. Joey skates the same high vert ramps as the pros and has skated with some well-renowned skaters at the Dew Tour, including another Maryland native, Bucky Lasek, and Olympic gold medal winner Shaun White. Joey skates at competitions around the United States and was part of the State of Confusion skate team from Baltimore. Joey became a street skater when he turned 14 and in 2015 - he released a new video called "The Comeback" which can be found on you tube. He is on facebook as Joey Jett and can be followed on Instragram as Joey__jett. His new video was release in August 2016 and can be found at Street Plant youtube channel He tours with the Street Plant Brand team.


Joey inspired a lesson plan for student writing at the Washington Post.$File/People.pdf Joey was and continues to be influence by his mentor Mike Vallely. Joey skates Street Plant Boards, Underground Wheels and Harmony Bearing. He now lives in St Augustine, Florida and goes to Daytona State College pursuing a degree in Photography.


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