Joey Leung

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Joey Leung
Background information
Chinese name 梁榮忠 (traditional)
Chinese name 梁荣忠 (simplified)
Born (1964-09-10) September 10, 1964 (age 52)
Hong Kong
Occupation Actor, Director, Screenwriter / Playwright, Program Host (TV & Radio) and Drama Tutor

Joey Leung Wing-Chung (梁榮忠 born September 10, 1964), is a Hong Kong actor, director, screenwriter / playwright, program host (TV & Radio) and drama tutor.


He has starred in movies such as Girl Boxer (2004), Master of Martial Arts (1997) and Kung Fu King (2005). He hosted the show Minutes to Fame with Hacken Lee.

In September 2008, he started and hosted a show from RTHK (有冇搞錯). In June 6, 2011 he announced that he was leaving the show for another one on the same radio station (瘋 Show 快活人). This announcement created a lot of mixed feelings from his fans.

Personal life[edit]

Leung is also a close friend of Leon Lai, one of the Four Heavenly Kings.[1] He has a collection of Gundam merchandises and was displayed in the Gundam Expo Hong Kong in 2009.



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