Joey Scouts (Australia)

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Scouts Australia
Country Australia
Founded 1958
Founder The Scout Association
Membership 84 000 [1]
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Joey Scouts, often called Joeys, is a training program of Scouts Australia for boys and girls aged 6 to 8. The section is named after a Joey which is a baby Kangaroo. Joeys are organized as a "Mob", made up of no more than 20 children. A group of kangaroos is called a mob. The Mob is led by at least two adult leaders, usually a Joey Leader and an Assistant Joey Leader. One leader must be female if the Mob includes girls.

Joey Leaders are traditionally given the names of Australian native animals such as Brolga, Bilby and Wombat.

The Joey Scout Promise is:

  • I promise to do my best
  • To love my God
  • And be helpful

The Joey Scout Law is:

  • A Joey Scout cares
  • A Joey Scout shares

Joeys use a catch-cry, "hop, hop hop" an acronym for help other people

Joeys can work to earn the following badges:

  • Caring and Sharing Badge
  • Buddy Scheme Badge
  • Environment Challenge Badge
  • Adventure Challenge Badge

and, for older Joeys, the Promise Challenge Badge.[2]

This section is known by other names in other countries, such as Beaver Scouts in the Scout Association in the United Kingdom and in Scouting in Canada, and Keas in Scouting New Zealand.

Between 7.5-8, Joeys move up to the Cub Scout pack depending on maturity etc. but they must be a cub scout by age 8.


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